August 14, 2020

Site Control Achieved

We’ve finalized our negotiations with the property owner, closed escrow on the Cameron site, and entered into a ground lease for the Beach site.  The initial lease is for an approximate 4.5 month period (through January 2021) at $15K / month for a total cost of ~$67,500.  The City Council had previously authorized an expenditure of up to $120K for use towards procuring the ground lease. 

Construction Coordination with the County

Our team at the City finished all site design / grading plans earlier this week, and based on those plans, the County is finalizing the contract with their general contractor for all site work / utility connections.  City staff has also engaged all processes needed to design / procure off-site improvements at the site (which the City is responsible for). 

Furthermore, City staff has also initiated design / procurement work related to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans / improvements needed for the shelter facility, which will also be part of our responsibility. 

SPRUNG Structure Expansion Pieces Procured

Late last week, the City purchased the SPRUNG expansion pieces needed to extend the County-procured SPRUNG structure to accommodate 174 beds. The SPRUNG extension pieces are currently being manufactured and will arrive on site by no later than September 21 and will take 3-4 weeks to be stood up.

4 Trailers Donated To City By HB City School District

The Huntington Beach City School District has donated 4 trailers, which will be used for administrative functions, dining room / common areas, and a laundry facility. 

Tentative Construction Schedule

Based on all of the coordination work that has been completed to date, the current construction schedule estimates a completion date of November 2020.

Operating Contract w/ Mercy House

This week, the City coordinated additional discussions with Mercy House and the County to develop work plans that will create new linkages with County agencies in support of operations, and to better position the City / Mercy House to direct homeless individuals utilizing the shelter into more permanent housing situations.