city of Huntington beach

To provide creative, comprehensive, and compassionate solutions to help the homeless community navigate life’s barriers.

The City’s Homeless Task Force is comprised of up to four part-time Case Managers and four Homeless Liaison Officers.  The Task Force works collaboratively to connect individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness with resources to help them navigate the barriers they face in maintaining stable housing.  Such resources include, but are not limited to, shelter, reunification with family members, mental and physical health services, addiction services, social services, and government benefits.

Mercy House is a non-profit that provides housing and comprehensive supportive services at various homeless shelter facilities throughout the region.  They have extensive experience working with diverse homeless populations which include families, adult men and women, families with children, persons living with HIV/AIDS, individuals overcoming substance addictions, and some who are physically and mentally disabled.  Here at the Huntington Beach Navigation Center, Mercy House works hand in hand with the Homeless Task Force to accept homeless adult individuals and couples, provide access to vital services, and oversee the day to day operations of the facility.

All guests who choose to utilize the Navigation Center and its services must be pre-screened and receive a referral through the Homeless Task Force, in order to be admitted.  Walk-ups to the Center are not permitted, and all individuals must meet the following admission requirements: 

  • Clients must have significant and verifiable ties to the City.
  • Clients must be actively engaged in the case management process and abide by all shelter guidelines.
  • Clients who are registered as Sexual or Arson Offender Registrants or who have open felony warrants are prohibited from this facility. Clients who fall into one of these categories can contact the HTF Case Managers for alternative referrals and resources.
  • Personal property is limited to 1 large storage bin and 2 large under-bed storage totes.
  • All clients must be able to meet all Activities of Daily Living (ADL).