Addressing homelessness in Huntington Beach is a top priority for the City of Huntington Beach.  We are committed to taking positive, appropriate, and decisive action to make sure we find the right solutions for our community.

Here in Huntington Beach, we have compassion for the homeless, and we are dedicated to upholding our community’s quality of life.  We believe we can achieve both by taking a balanced approach, which includes a Navigation Center that offers shelter and access to social services.  

The City of Huntington Beach has released the 2021 Navigation Center Annual Report, marking the facility’s first 12-months in operation.  

The Navigation Center opened its doors in December 2020 and is located at 17642 Beach Boulevard.  The Center can shelter up to 128 adults and couples during COVID-19 (to facilitate greater social distancing) and 174 adults and couples during normal conditions.  The Center provides access to vital services that will help our clients on the path towards housing security.