Legal Issues Complicate
City Response

Two major legal issues complicate what Huntington Beach can do to respond to this challenge.

  • Martin v. City of Boise  “Court: Cities can’t prosecute people for sleeping on streets” (AP – Sept 4, 2018)
    • U.S. Federal Court rules that cities have limited ability to enforce anti-camping laws unless they are able to offer nighttime beds for vulnerable citizens.
  • Orange County Federal Judge David O. Carter
    • Established the requirements under the Martin v. Boise case for Orange County. Said cities must have available shelter beds for 60% of their homeless population – as many as 174 beds per night in HB – before they can enforce anti-camping and anti-vagrancy ordinances.

The Courts have spoken: to enable our Police Department to enforce rules protecting our quality of life, HB must build a shelter.

A Look Back At How Huntington Beach Has Been ADDRESSING Homelessness

Breaking News: Governor’s Announcements Are A
Game-Changer For Cities

  • “…requires state agencies to take urgent and immediate action…to make available state properties and facilities to rapidly increase housing and shelter options.” (Governor’s Announcement – Jan 8, 2020)


  • Includes a proposed $1 billion to fight homelessness in 2020-21 Governor’s Budget


  • A non-profit provider of homelessness services to city governments.

Potential Sites Reviewed By City